Our services

Our services span the full lifecycle of digital products, from a kernel of an idea, to a fully fledged software platform. We can work with you to solve a specific problem, or travel the whole way. For projects big and small here's how we can help.

Product strategy

On an increasingly crowded market, we need to keep focused:  Who do we want to reach? What problem are we solving? What is the value of our proposition? How do we stand out?

We help you ask the right questions to understand your audience, hone down your USPs, and find the best way to launch a successful product.

We help you navigate the inner workings of the app stores to achieve visibility, focusing on app name, icon, keywords, description and the categories where to place your App to attract most attention.

We help you monitor and evaluate app usage, and use these insights to inform the roadmap for ongoing product development.


Not just user research, or user interfaces, or interaction, but the happy marriage of all three and how they lead on to iterative development, and then support. We place ourselves firmly on the shoes of our users, and we consult and test from the word go. We wireframe. We prototype and evaluate. 

We iterate frequently, with increasing levels of fidelity. We monitor user experience after launch by consulting users and by building in sophisticated analytics to respond to our users’ behaviour: how they use the app, what features they truly love or what new features would make their day

Visual design, UI and identity

Visuals are the first touch point for our users, so they need to make an impression, communicate the product, be fit for all devices and stand out. We know the nitty-gritty of screen design in the mobile era, and meet the demands of an ever growing number of devices with different screen-sizes and user interface guidelines, and meet them with pixel perfect precision.

We have a good eye and an original take on UI. And whilst we have the finger on the pulse of design trends, we are not blinded by the zeitgeist, and we’ll find how to translate your brand values into that logo, and that app icon, and those interfaces that will make your product truly great.

Technical Strategy, Programming And QA

Now that you’ve defined your product, how are you going to engineer it?

There are increasing numbers of frameworks, tools, platforms and programming languages available to app developers, all with their strengths and weaknesses. We can help you decide on the best technology to realise your app for iOS, Android, Windows or web.

We match your feature list and roadmap to the most effective technologies, from Unity for 3D game projects, to a host of different native or hybrid tools.

We have our library of software, which can help make your development cost effective, and we can build on existing engines to quickly release a Minimum Viable Product. We will investigate the most effective way to interface with APIs that help your product expand in different media and platforms.

We test extensively, and over the ever expanding number of devices, OS versions, screen sizes and hardware available. We will only upload an app to the App Stores once it has been through a process of rigorous testing. After publishing, automated In-App Crashlytics ensure bugs or crashes are logged, reported and fixed.


It looks great, and the technology is great - but where’s the content? Thoroughly understanding content allows us to interpret and present it in the best possible way, making it truly interactive and engaging. We are always happy to engage with subject matter experts to distil the essence and the detail of a product.

Be it learning materials, historical data, navigating maps or business objectives we direct and coordinate content production in different formats, such as animation, Illustration, video, voice recording and sound design.