Internet of Things

Join Devices in the Circle of Care

The Internet of things is a technology with a lot of potential in improving health and social care. We are currently working on a prototype that is funded by the Department of Health to allow different services and devices to connect with Jointly, an app that we developed with Carers UK that makes caring for someone a little easier, less stressful and a lot more organised.

The main use case is to connect use of drug dispensers with a circle of carers. We are creating an API that allows 3rd party services to create a circle of care, invite members and post messages back and forward from the device to Jointly. Technically we needed to do this while causing the least disruption possible in PivoTell’s product.

We opted to do it using the most ubiquitous Internet technology, namely, email. We setup a mailgun route to capture and process the emails and turned them into a nicely structured JSON format. Mailgun contacts where we have a cloud function to validate and authorise the request. From then onwards everything is handled as before, in iOS, android and web clients. We had to battle with some DNS settings and communication incompatibilities but as a prototype we are in good position to continue.