It's your key data, in one place

The Geckoboard iPhone App provides a real time business dashboard for KPIs and data. From uptime and analytics to sales and downloads, the Geckoboard iPhone App enables you to stop spending time checking services and start focussing on what's important to your business. The app integrates with more than 100 third-party services, including Google Analytics, Amazon Web Services, Basecamp, Salesforce, New Relic, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. 

The mobile app has been developed specifically for those on the go, with data visualisations built to be attractive and easy to interpret at-a-glance. 

You can monitor CRM, Email, Infrastructure, Project Management, Sales & Finance, Social Media and Web Analytics data via this one mobile app.


Geckoboard is trusted by some of the biggest brands

Route to Greatness

Grow an outstanding business

Route to Greatness (RtG) helps companies engage their people in committing to a shared vision of how to become a great business, and then embark in a journey to realize that vision. It is about engagement, long-term planning and performance measurement.

A RtG project starts on the Vision stage, then progresses into Commitment and finally sets out on the Journey.

A project's dashboard tells at a glance how the project is progressing, through an interactive timeline and a feed of recent activity. Consultants can also push important announcements and resources to the dashboard, for everyone's attention.

The project's goals are broken down into four key achievements, known as Strategic Choices, which have an accountable person and group a set of milestones.

Route to Greatness Online enables business leaders to track the progress the business is making toward achieving  the business vision, gradually involving more people, to discuss issues and challenges in a shared space, creating actionable content. Content that reflects strategies and tasks, assigned to people who are responsible to deliver them in time.

Route to Greatness Online allows consultants to create projects and invite collaborators to work on them. Not all collaborators are the same, so specific roles and permissions can be assigned to project members.  

It’s a world class product backed by terrific people who are steeped in real world corporate experience from around the globe.
— Shawn Callaghan CEO, Anecdote Pty Ltd.