Petita Demas

Match & Learn The Professions

Light the spark of curiosity in your child. Let them create fun, interactive characters by building and matching ten beautiful animations. Solve the puzzles and discover the professionals, each with a story to tell! 

Children love to talk about what they want to be when they grow up (Astronaut! Racing car driver! Ballet dancer!), often it changes from day to day. As you play this game together, they learn that life is full of choices, and you can talk about that all important question together in a fun and creative way! 

An educational puzzle game for 2-6 year olds. In three animated stripes, children match 10 different characters, each with their own profession. Each character shares a little secret with a short, funny poem. All animations are handcrafted frame by frame, in great detail and with a sense of humour, so that children love them at first sight! 

The app is a playful way for children to learn a variety of professions and to start talking about what each entails. The silly combinations (a policeman’s head and a basketball player’s legs) spark delightful tangents.
— Parents' Choice

My Little Pony

The Magical Mysteries book collection app 

The Magical Mysteries books contain stickers and illustration that use Augmented Reality to trigger animation and unlock content within the app. Each book unlocks a new adventure, with exciting activities and its own characters that are brought to life from the book and into to the app world.

Me Books

Your favourite children's books in one app, re-told by you.

The Me Books app lets you and your little ones create personal editions of some of the most popular picture books ever published. Me Books includes hundreds of titles available to buy, download and take wherever you go. From classics like Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and vintage Ladybird fairy tales to modern favourites Elmer, Charlie & Lola and Peppa Pig. 

Reading stories is such an integral part of childhood. Me Books enhances the experience wonderfully by simply using narration and imagination.
— Richard E. Grant

Me Books is the go-to app for families of little storytellers and enables children to record their own versions of their favourite stories. You can add your own silly voices to classic fairy tales or dramatic KABOOMS to any comic. 


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classic stories & moden favourites

Henri Le Worm

Cooking adventure app narrated by Simon Pegg with recipes by Raymond Blanc

Packed with games, facts, music & a hilarious interactive story, Henri Le Worm encourages children & parents to discover more about food, ingredients, nature & bugs. Henri Le Worm is an informative and fun to play app for iPhone, iPad and Android.



The mission is to try and get children reconnected with nature & food, not by preaching but by primarily making them laugh and have fun. From concept development, interaction design, storyboarding, branding, character design, illustration, animation and app development we helped bring Henri and his friends to life.


All the recipes included were designed by Raymond Blanc OBE so that the child can help and then the whole family can enjoy the dish together. With this in mind all salt, fat & sugar levels have been lowered where appropriate.

Once you have a strong idea it’s about getting other people to share and believe in it, we felt Milo did that for us.
— Olivier Blanc

Justin's World

A set of learn and play apps for CBeebies favourite: Justin Fletcher 

Justin's World is a series of interactive learn and play apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that we have created for Justin Fletcher, the nation's favourite pre-school entertainer and star of 'cbeebies Something Special'. The apps feature interactive games, puzzles and stories all presented by and featuring Justin Fletcher. Touch, swipe, listen and learn, Justin's World apps are a compendium of fun!

Goldilocks & The Three Bears, an interactive adaptation of the popular children’s storybook. Justin guides you through an interactive play experience, helping Goldilocks (who’s a little bit lazy) to clean and tidy the bear’s house. Once all the work is done you get to meet the very grateful bears. All characters played by the well-known and much loved TV presenter! 

The app stands out from most of the children’s apps that are available. The videos make it feel more televisual, with the plain-white backgrounds very reminiscent of the signing scenes in Something Special.
— Stuart Dredge, The Guardian

Jig-Songs are puzzles but with a special sing along musical twist! Drag the pieces in place to finish the puzzle and watch Justin come to life singing some of his favourite songs.

LetterSounds introduces your little one to initial letter sounds as outlined in the Primary National Strategy in a fun and meaningful way. Justin invites you to find the correct letter to complete the word. 

Doctor Who

Comic book app to accompany BBC Christmas special

The Doctor Who Dreamland App  was aimed at an audience of young adults and accompanied the animated series Dreamland. A ‘comic’ version of Dreamland was available in daily episodes across the week. The comic was created with a bespoke comic creator tool that enabled BBC Producers to create and publish comics across multiple mobile devices.

The Doctor Who mobile experience couples the feel of a traditional comic with the polish of a smartphone to deliver a smooth journey through The Doctor’s latest adventure. The App was driven by a powerful publishing tool that enabled BBC producers to generate new comics. BBC editors could create speech bubbles, text blocks, animations and transitions to bring stories to life. The App is easy to re-skin and re-deploy for new comics across different departments in the BBC.