Macmillan education

Learning english through play  

Be bop , Story Central and Happy Campers are a series of educational apps and games (16 in total) for Macmillan Education. All of the apps are aimed at children, of different ages, learning English as a foreign language. These fun and engaging apps have been extremely successful in China and Latin America.

To support the Macmillan team we developed a set of editorial tools that allow editors, designers and subject matter experts to populate and publish new apps with ease.

The Bebop app is ideal to use with Macmillan Education’s Bebop course books, but it’s also designed to be used as a standalone app.

Parents can help their children learn new English language words with a wealth of video flashcards, all including American Sign Language translations.

Bebop was the first  series launched. Children play with the Bebop Band characters in a variety of engaging games, designed to stimulate children’s vocabulary and memory. 

There are animated musical stories, video flashcards, action songs, and vocabulary games. Parents can sing along, too! 


Play is a vital part of child development and the Bebop App makes learning English fun and easy while giving parents peace of mind and a central role in their child’s learning.
— Carol Higho, Head of Product Marketing

Zaprendo - Sounds English

Helping early stage learners become confident readers

Reading English is difficult. Sounds English helps early stage readers of English become confident independent readers by using a phonics based approach to teach written sounds. 


Sounds English is designed for early readers who are typically between 6 and 8 years old. Early readers are on the journey from first books, with about 5 words per page, to chapter books, with about 120 words per page. It promotes self-driven, individualised learning, preparing learners to tackle more challenging and interesting reading.

Set in the imaginary world of Lumos, Sounds English accelerates learning reading by identifying 92 essential written sounds and teaching the learner how to use those sounds to read new words. It cleverly identifies what sounds the learner does not know and then teaches them only. 

Sounds English is packed with many feature-benefits:

  • Phonics based approach uses 92 essential written sounds and 1800+ practice words
  • Applies successful classroom strategies in a powerful digital learning tool
  • Algorithm based learning identifies and responds to the specific needs of each learner, teaching them only the sounds they do not know
  • Contains in-depth tutorial
  • Self-driven learning requires zero adult intervention
  • Accelerates reading achievement and prepares learners to tackle more challenging and interesting reading
  • Progress is tracked through a personalised calendar.
  • Perfect for learners with a reading age between 6 and 8 years, and for English language learners of all ages

BBC Learning English

interactive courses for e-learners worldwide

Innovative collaboration between the BBC World Service and Anhanguera, a Brazilian university that offers e-learning resources and offline training for adult learners. Milo created a set of interactive learning modules that could be embedded anywhere on the course's pages, and a content editor for their producers to quickly create educational activities that integrate with a Moodle learning environment

In collaboration with the BBC learning managers, we created a series of interaction types that were both easy to use and engaging for the learner. The content creation tool enables editors to create and maintain the large amount of interactive learning content required by the course. 

The tool is a visual editor with a simple graphical interface, allowing content producers to streamline their work-flow by creating flexible activity templates. Editors can arrange elements, define feedback and hints for each exercise, and publish activities online without writing a single line of code.

BBC Bitesize

Games, mock exams and interactive video for students revising GCSE exams

BBC Bitesize is BBC's free online study support resource for school-age students in the United Kingdom. It is designed to aid students in both school work and, for older students, exams. Over the years we created a plethora of interactive Flash content for Bitesize. Here are some examples:



Spherox is a platform game that invites you to play while revising GCSE maths, science and English. There are four different planets to explore: Overica - home of fast food and mass consumerism; Populia - home of the underground gadget factory; Maropa - the tacky tourist paradise, and harsh inhospitable Polaria - watch those melting ice caps! Users can create their own levels and send the new games they have created to their friends. 


Maths & PE

Bitesize Maths and PE are interactive resources that help students revise these GCSE subjects in a unique and innovative format. Picture this: Albert Einstein and Wayne the chav having a cuppa with some greeks in togas discussing the pythagoras theorem. We didn't think this was possible, but would you believe it? In these activities, it is!



Won't Get Anywhere Without Maths

An interactive video extravaganza where you test your maths all the way from pig farming to the very doors of heaven. You will be asked maths questions by a bunch of great characters such as an idiosyncratic market trader, a very orange tanning shop assistant, a clairvoyant goth, or a rather reckless airline pilot.


Revision Maps & Mock Exams

Revision Maps brings you MindMaps to enhance the experience of revising for you GCSEs. 

And our mock examination system provides an invaluable interactive environment for revising and testing all subjects across the GCSE curriculum.