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Sony Music


Learn languages with the power of music

Launch and support

Tender Education & Arts

Relationship Goals

Educational Game and Web Platform for Schools

Lean MVP

Mint Diagnostics


Next generation biometric health monitors on your mobile

Launch and support

Edelman / Janssen


The clock that challenges perceptions of time, for people with Multiple Myeloma

Working with milo

As a creative agency we are passionate about great software, aimed at humans. We are consultants, designers and developers that will help you steer your product in the right direction.

Lean & Agile

We use lean and agile methodologies to run our projects. This allows us to be transparent about what we are doing and it allows our clients to prioritise the work that brings the greatest value. This process helps us develop custom software solutions that deliver both for users and for businesses.

React Native

As one of the UK's top app development companies that specialises in React Native we are your ideal partner for software development across mobile, web and desktop. React and React Native have been our platform of choice for cross-platform app development since 2015.

Game Development

We create serious games, immersive play and gamified interactive experiences to engage audiences in content. Whether its health, education, politics, culture or sport, we employ gamification strategies with the added value of fun and competition to engage, motivate and inspire users.

Design Thinking

We use a Design Thinking approach as part of product development to understand people, to generate and validate ideas, and to release products iteratively.

An illustration of an origami heart highlights the importance to understand and empathise as the first step in design thinking process.

Understand & empathise

What do people want, and why do they want it? We use tools to empathise with the user, from simple observation to co-design workshops or card sorting exercises.

An illustration of an origami lightbulb highlights the importance of exploring ideas, prototyping and testing iteratively.

Explore & prototype

Investigate ideas creating rapid prototypes, then testing them. These may be pen and paper, or a simple piece of code. The aim is to validate ideas and answer questions all along the way.

An illustration of origami AB letters highlights the importance of implementation and iterative testing.

Test & implement

Release a product on web and mobile and keep an eye on its performance. Monitor analytics and user behaviour, or run A/B tests to iterate with the features and fixes that count.

A picture of an origami paper plane

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From basic questions to complex queries about digital product strategy, research, UX design and software development, we can help.

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