From its foundation, milo’s remit has been to bring the magic of games to learning, harnessing the potential of new technology to engage children in their own turf. We aim to challenge children's thinking with hands-on tools for learning through play, and with experiences and activities that inspire and spark their imagination.

We have made it our business to understand what makes kids tick - by asking them. Our user research methodology with children includes co-design sessions, paper prototype games and conversational heuristic tests, so that they can be the ones telling us what to do.

As parents of children in the digital age, we are very much aware of the balance that is required between the physical world and the screen, and we aim to project that balance into what we do. We believe that digital tools can be a prop to go out and explore, to build self-awareness, and to communicate with others.

Working with the Milo team was a great experience; the project was handled incredibly well and the team were very supportive and helpful. A very creative and innovative experience.

Lindsay Brownsword, Product Owner at Maths Whizz

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