Designed and developed with Carers UK, Jointly is an innovative mobile and online application designed to make caring for someone a little easier, less stressful and a lot more organised. Jointly is for people who share caring for a loved one with others, people who juggle work and care, people with smartphones, tablets or access to the web, and forward thinking employers and service providers who employ them or deliver services to them.

The Challenge

Carers UK approached us with a wealth of research and data which helped us really grasp the problem: in a nutshell, 3 million people in the UK juggle unpaid care with a day job. These people can find it hard to get help, both in and outside the workplace, and 1 in 5 ends up leaving work to care.

Whilst care management is the first issue surfacing from Carers UK research, the real opportunity we identified was in improving communication between different players in the care system (family members, care professionals, doctors, etc). 

Working alongside Carers UK, we prototyped and tested several ideas with both professional and occasional carers. Our first prototypes were static images, printed on paper and user-tested with the help of a facilitator. 

We then co-developed an interactive online prototype, using a drag&drop interface builder so that the team from Carers UK could also contribute. This interactive prototype was tested with stakeholders and users, and formed the basis on which we built the Jointly Beta app. 

After Jointly Beta was rolled out to the app stores, further testing was conducted with early adopters. Their feedback was then folded into new sprints of development which resulted in several update releases.

The Solution

With Jointly you can create a circle of care for the person you are looking after. Once all carers are inside the circle, they can use Jointly to organise care.

Jointly combines group messaging with other useful features:

  • Simple, intuitive group communication with everyone in your Jointly circle: post a message or upload an image.
  • Tasks and lists. Simply create a task and assign it to any member of your Jointly circle, including yourself, and monitor its status.
  • Calendar: Create date/time specific events and invite anyone in your circle. You can also use the field provided to invite people outside your Jointly circle.
  • Profile page: Store useful information about the person you are looking after and have it available for reference at any time.
  • Medication: Use Jointly's Medication feature to keep track of current and past medication of the person you are caring for. You can also upload an image to quickly recognise a medicine.
  • Contacts list: store useful contacts to easily access their details 
  • Use it with others or on your own.

The Results

Jointly is a cross-platform application, which can be accessed on the Web from any device, as well as downloaded from the iOS and Android app stores. Using cross-platform technologies we ensured consistent layout and functionality on all different devices, as well as a single code base that is easier to develop, maintain and expand on for future versions.

Looking after someone can be so complicated. Jointly helps me stay on top of things and share information easily with everyone involved in my son’s care.

A Carer

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