When someone receives the life-changing diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma (MM) their world stops. The TimeKeeper Apple Watch app challenges perceptions of time, helping people living with Multiple Myeloma reclaim the time that cancer takes away.

The challenge

Time is precious when a patient is diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (MM). Having treatment and getting better is the patients first priority while the rest of their life is often put on hold. But time and cancer don't wait. So why should they?

Smartwatch development

Our UX and development team worked closely with the client to help bring this innovative Apple Watch and iPhone app to life.

TimeKeeper is the first clock app designed to support people with Multiple Myeloma by empowering them to discover new ways of experiencing time. TimeKeeper brings potential interests, novel experiences and new skills together in an iWatch app that helps give cancer patients more time for life. 

An image depicting the TimeKeeper app that we developed for Edelman and Janssen
TimeKeeper is designed to support people with Multiple Myeloma to experience time in a different way.

Slowing down time

TimeKeeper is based on a neurological concept: as we get older, we're less likely to encounter brand new information. At the same time, our experienced brains don’t need to spend much time dealing with familiar information. Together this makes our perception of time change – it appears to speed up.

But, when we experience new or novel activities, these impressions take longer for the brain to process than routine ones – making time feel elongated. Time Keeper uses this concept to help people reclaim the time that blood cancer takes away. It’s about encouraging new activities, because when we do something new, time seems to last longer.

New experiences

Many people living with cancer report that during treatment, they may stop spending time on hobbies. However, studies indicate that hobbies can reduce stress, improve mood, and ward off depression – especially during a cancer diagnosis.

Based on their personal preferences, Time Keeper provides inspiration for people living with MM to try novel experiences and explore new skills and hobbies. What if log drumming, origami, making mocktails or learning a new instrument could help you take back your time from cancer?

TimeKeeper helps people living with MM reclaim the time that cancer takes away.

An image depicting the TimeKeeper Apple Watch App that we developed for Edelman and Janssen
During a cancer diagnosis hobbies can reduce stress, improve mood, and ward off depression.
A picture of an origami paper plane

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