We are app designers and developers in the heart of London. We take on board the full lifecycle of a product, be it from a small kernel of an idea, or from a well formed plan. We strategise, research, design, test,  develop and lovingly support our apps in iOS, Android and the web.

Our aim is to make mobile products that fit in seamlessly, in all walks of life, from games to health saving services; from learning to lifestyle; from the entertaining to the essential.  We look forward to working with you.

APPS FOR Digital Natives

As parents, uncles, and makers of games for children in the digital age, we are very much aware of the balance that is required between the physical world and the screen. 

We aim to use the play and learn potential of mobile devices to expand children's horizons, and to support real life experiences. 

a healthy nation

The future of health is increasingly relying on  good self-management tools. New mobile software makes it easy to control conditions, flag problems or manage a  support network around those in need of care.

We develop intelligent and secure apps that use technology at a human scale.

Digital Publishing

Old media lives on in new digital platforms. Groundbreaking mobile applications open up opportunities for innovative solutions. 

Digital tools change how we publish content, consume it, interact with it, and build communities around it. From the popular, to the niche.

LEARNING through play

From its foundation, milo’s remit has been to bring the magic of games to learning, harnessing the potential of new technology to engage children in their own turf.  

We aim to challenge kid's thinking with hands on tools for learning through play, and with experiences and activities that spark their imagination.


Business is on the move and it is ubiquitous. You do things from your computer, but also from your mobile. Or your tablet. Or your watch. 

We make apps to help you wherever you are: intelligent tools for analytics, data visualisation or just to keep on top of thins while on the move.

living digital

Our grandparents had a penknife, and we have the iPad. We are intent on filling this digital pen knife with useful tools, seamlessly embedded in your every day life. 

Following a recipe, purchasing something, browsing a catalogue, going for a run, booking a haircut... What do you need today?

we know what it takes to create exceptional digital products.