2-4 weeks

Product definition

We help businesses turn an opportunity into a product concept, and explore all factors that contribute to a problem-solution fit. The output is a series of working documents encompassing wireframes, a prototype at different levels of fidelity, or a roadmap and costing for future development.

+ User research

Who are the end customers, what are their behaviours, jobs, pain points and opportunities for delight?

+ Market research

Who are direct competitors, what are they doing and how can we differentiate or improve?

+ Business research

Which is the best business model to deliver value both to customers and to the business?

4-8 weeks

Lean MVP

We use Agile methodology and lean principles to turn the plan into the product, then release it into the market. The quicker your minimum viable product hits the stores, the quicker you can start learning, and find your product-market fit.

+ Multidisciplinary Team

That can jointly tackle features from user insight, to design, to code

‍+ Value creation

Working with our clients to prioritise the backlog on a sprint by sprint basis, with clear value-creation goals

+ User-centred

We develop iteratively, with user testing built into all milestones, so that user feedback is reflected in our backlog

6-12 weeks

Launch & Product Support

Launching is only the beginning. Keeping it useful and keeping it current requires incremental improvements, building on each new release. We keep an ear to the ground and monitor customer feedback and analytics, so that your product can hit its business model fit.

+ Analytics

We put in place and monitor analytics to gather quantitative data based on user behaviour and feedback

+ Growth

We fine-tune growth through virality and multi-channel marketing strategies


We iterate on revenue models, and we aim to hit the sweet spot where value creation happens both ways, for the customer, and for the business.

6-12 weeks

Redesign & improve

Sometimes you have the right product, but your customers have fallen out of love. Perhaps you need a fresh perspective to retune and relaunch, or perhaps you want to change your offer.

+ Insights

We help you gather and analyse new consumer insights, conquer new territories or expand your offer.

+ Value

We will prioritise what brings the most value and renders your product indispensable

+ Relaunch

We bring a keen eye to design and art direction, condense the zeitgeist into a punchy new design for your new features.

Building Blocks

The key skills that we bring to the table
An illustration of an origami lightbulb represents Product strategy and highlights the importance of testing, iterating and prototyping product ideas.

Product strategy

We help you ask the right questions to understand your customers, explore the marketplace, find your product market fit, and launch a successful product. We prototype, test, iterate (rinse and repeat). We help you release early, learn early, and improve incrementally to succeed.

An illustration of an origami pencil represents the UX design process of problem solving through iteration and incremental learning. As a digital design agency, Milo follows processes and methodologies based on design thinking.

UX design

We place ourselves firmly on the shoes of the user, and we research, consult and test from the word go. Our focus is to thoroughly understand your customer, their jobs, needs and pain-points,  and to deliver value. We follow a Design Thinking approach, focused on problem solving through iteration and incremental learning.

An illustration of an origami heart indicates the importance of beautiful user interface design, branding and identity.

UI & Identity

Design needs to make an impression, communicate the product, be fit for all devices and stand out, whatever the touchpoint. The challenge is to convey a brand consistently across all channels. Our aim is to let your brand and values permeate every touchpoint of your product or service, while designing functional and beautiful user interfaces.

An illustration of an origami rocket showcases the power that a mobile app development company can bring to digital product development. Our cross platform app development team includes React Native developers, React developers and Unity developers.

Custom App Development

We are specialists in App Development, and we can deliver a seamless cross platform user experience no matter what touchpoint. We can help make your mobile app development cost effective, and quickly release a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We investigate interfacing with APIs that help your product expand in different media and platforms and have our own library of software.

An illustration of a collection of files represents digital content creation, from copy to Illustration, picture research, video, and sound design.

Digital content

It looks great, and the technology is great - but does your product inform, entertain or enlighten as intended? Understanding content allows us to interpret and present it in the best possible way, making it truly interactive and engaging. We direct and coordinate content production in different formats: from copy to Illustration, picture research, video, and sound design.

An illustration of an origami chart represents growth and the importance of ongoing product support.

Growth & Product support

We help you navigate the inner workings of the app stores to achieve maximum visibility, then monitor user behaviour after product launch. We use analytics to track and respond to our users. We want to know how they interact with the service or product, drop-off points, features they love and those they’d love to have. These insights help constantly inform the product roadmap for future development.

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