An image of the Lirica app. Lirica teaches languages with the power of music.
Hormonix mobile app
An image depicting the Relationship Goals game that we made for Tender.
An image depicting the Timekeeper  iWatch app for Apple Watch and iOS devices.

Digital Product Development

We're a Tech for Good company

As a Tech for Good company, we are passionate about designing and developing software that makes people's lives better. We collaborate with businesses, startups, and non-profit organisations who want to change the world. Whether it be cutting-edge digital services, educational games, gamification systems, or smart healthcare apps.

Custom Software Development

A boutique agency

We are one of the top boutique software development and UX design companies in the UK. We can work with you across the digital product development lifecycle and help steer you in the right direction. From product definition and MVP through to product launch and beyond. We can support you every step of the way.

Cross-Platform App Development

Web & mobile app development

Our team of product managers, UX designers and app developers are experts in web and mobile application development. Cross-platform app development is a specialty of our React and React Native developers. While the web, iOS, and Android are the primary platforms for our game developers.

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Lean & Agile

Lean and agile development approaches are used by our app developers, enabling us to be transparent about our work.  This enables our clients to give priority to the work that is most valuable to them. This practice helps in the design and development of software that benefits users as well as your organisation.

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React Native

We are your ideal partner for cross-platform app development. We are one of the UK's top software development companies that specialise in React and React Native. Since 2015, React and React Native have been our platform of choice.

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Game Development

To engage audiences in content, we develop serious games, immersive play, and gamification systems. Gamification in wellness and healthcare apps, fitness trackers, and educational games add fun and competition to inspire, and motivate.

UX Design

Design Thinking

Our user experience designers employ Design Thinking as their methodology in the digital product design process. Design thinking aids in understanding people, generating and validating ideas, and iteratively designing and developing apps. We produce lean UX prototypes early on in the digital product development process. By doing this, we can ensure that our app developers are focusing on developing tried-and-tested functionality.

An illustration of an origami heart highlights the importance to understand and empathise as the first step in design thinking process.

Understand & empathise

What do people want, and why do they want it? We use tools as part of our lean UX design approach to empathise with the user. From simple observation to co-design workshops, play testing or card sorting exercises.

An illustration of an origami lightbulb highlights the importance of exploring ideas, prototyping and testing iteratively.

Explore & prototype

Investigate concepts by quickly developing UX prototypes and testing them. For this, you might use pen and paper, interactive UX prototypes, or a completely functional section of an app. The goal is to validate the digital product concept and provide answers at every step.

An illustration of origami AB letters highlights the importance of implementation and iterative testing.

Test & implement

Release a product for the web or mobile, and track the performance of the app. Keep an eye on user behaviour and analytics. Conduct A/B testing to prioritise the app's most important changes and iterate the features.

Software Development Services

What do you want to do?

Our software development services span the full lifecycle of digital product development. Starting with product strategy, UI & UX design, custom software development, and ending with product launch. We can help you in achieving your goals. Whether you want to create a lean UX prototype to test a product idea. Test the market with a lean MVP. Launch your digital product or rethink an existing app.

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Let's talk

Talk to us about your business plans. We can assist with the creation of your upcoming mobile app, web application, or serious game.

Our knowledgeable staff of app designers and software developers are available to answer all of your inquiries. No matter how simple or complex they may be.

Whether it is about digital product development, user experience design, or custom software development we can help.

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