For the past 4 years, React Native has been our platform of choice for cross-platform app development. We are also active participants and speakers in events and talks with the React Native community in London.

React Native was developed by Facebook engineers to solve the key native app development issue: reducing the time, effort and cost of maintaining multiple code bases on native apps. React Native uses React principles and glues together native components with JavaScript, which means there is one single code base for Android, iOS and Windows apps. This significantly reduces development time and cost, and it also allows our product team to be leaner, because they can prototype, iterate and release features faster than with two native SDKs.

React Native is our platform of choice for cross-platform mobile app development. As demonstrated by FitVo, React Native give outstanding performance with a single code base.
React Native, our platform of choice for cross-platform app development. Outstanding performance with a single code base.

React Native app development also has the upper hand when it comes to maintaining our apps. It allows us to push updates to a live app without having to do a submission to the App Stores. This means that we can respond to user needs and feedback staggeringly fast, and also, that we can gather market intelligence easily, because running A/B tests or pushing bug fixes will take minutes rather than days.

React Native was open-sourced in 2015, and it’s come a long way since. It is the framework of choice for top apps such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, and by tons of other companies, from Fortune 500 to hot new startups.

Working with Milo was truly a fantastic experience. At every stage they went well beyond the requirements and were pivotal to ensuring that the product was exactly what I wanted. They exceeded my expectations. I can't recommend them enough.

Grace Parker, Founder at FitVo

Petros Lafazanidis
Feb 2020

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