Since 2015 React Native has been our developers platform of choice for cross-platform app development. React Native was developed by Facebook to solve the key native development issue. Reducing the time, effort and cost of app development and maintaining multiple code bases on native apps.

What is cross-platform app development?

Cross-platform app development is the process of building and delivering an app that can run across multiple devices. Cross-platform app development maximises code sharing and reduces the overall maintenance cost.

An image depicting React Native, Apple and Android logos

React Native components

React Native combines the best parts of native development with a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It uses React principles and glues together native components with JavaScript. This means there is one single code base for iOS, Android, Web, desktop (both Mac and Windows) as well as other devices such TVs (via tvOS) or even your car (via CarPlay). React Native developers can now create exceptional native experiences with JavaScript code.

Single code base 

To develop different versions of an app, our React Native developers use the same code (mobile, web, desktop, etc.). With React Native it is possible to obtain fantastic performance and an astounding 60 frames per second. Additionally, it is possible to keep the platform's unique appearance and feel. There is a misconception that React Native can only be used for mobile application development. React Native can be used to deliver the web portion of an application using React Native for web.

Reducing the cost of app development

Developing a cross-platform app with React Native is a great solution for reducing the overall cost of app development. App development in the past necessitated a distinct team of app developers for each platform. React Native means apps can be developed by one development team across the entire product.  

Increasing time for digital innovation

Having separate applications for multiple platforms is very inefficient. It increases the cost of app development and reduces the time that can be spent on digital innovation. The cost of ongoing support and maintenance for the app also increases. Rather than re-implementing the same logic and UI across every single platform, app development resources can be utilised elsewhere. This helps to focus efforts on digital innovation and deliver new features faster than your competition.

Improving productivity in digital product development

Developing a React Native app will significantly reduce development time. It will also allow the digital development team to improve the user experience faster. React Native developers can prototype, iterate, improve and release features faster than development teams using multiple native SDKs. This shortens the time to market for your app, so you can start profiting faster.

An image depicting Lirica, an app developed in React Native by our team of React Native developers
Our React Native developers built Lirica from MVP through to product launch with React Native. Lirica benefited from a fast design & process that supported iterative digital product development. It launched across iOS and Android devices.

Simplify app maintenance with live app updates & code push

React Native developers also have the upper hand when it comes to maintaining apps. It allows them to push updates to a live app without having to resubmit to the App Stores. This means that you can respond to user needs and feedback staggeringly fast. Additionally, you can gather market intelligence easily, because running tests or pushing updates will take minutes rather than days.

Streamlined software development

React Native's architecture includes a “fast refresh” tool that allows changes in code to instantly reflect in the UI. This is a huge benefit for any mobile app development company looking to streamline the software development process. React Native developers do not need to wait for native builds to finish. Save, see, repeat.

Mobile & web application development 

React Native is an excellent choice for organisations that want to hire a single developer for both mobile and web application development. As a subset of React, React Native allows you to build an app with common components and user interfaces across mobile and web platforms. This enables organisations to benefit from an increase in productivity and an overall reduction in app development costs.

An image depicting the Me+Moo app. An app that our team of React Native developers built with React Native.
Me+Moo was a digital marketing campaign built by our React Native developers. Me+Moo promoted 5G and digital transformation in rural communities.

A popular open source framework for app development 

React Native was open-sourced in 2015, and it’s come a long way since. It is now the most popular framework on the market for delivering universal mobile applications. React Native is the framework of choice for software companies such as Microsoft, Instagram, Bloomberg, Uber, Pinterest. A variety of startups such as Zopa, Smarkets and tons of other companies have also embraced React Native.

React Native developer community 

React Native developers enjoy a thriving community for practical advice, code and tutorials. We are active participants both at events and online. Having a very active community of React Native developers means the framework is more quality-oriented. It can therefore grow at a considerable pace.

Library of components & APIs

Choosing React Native doesn’t mean that features or functionality need to be sacrificed. React Native developers have access to a thriving ecosystem and a vast library of native components. There are components for navigation, data visualisation and charts, in-app payments, location tracking, vector animations and API integrations. The number of React Native components keeps on expanding every day. This makes React Native a great choice for developers that want to make sophisticated apps.

An image depicting the Hormonix Healthcare app, developed in React Native by our team of React Native developers
Our React Native developers built Hormonix as a cross-platform app, using data visualisation and chart components. 

Using React Native to build an MVP app

When building an MVP it is critical to get a version of the app into the market ASAP. React Native apps are cost-effective, faster to develop and easier to iterate and improve upon. This is why an app developed with React Native is an ideal choice for startups. Businesses looking to develop new digital products or services will also enjoy huge benefits.


React Native is ideal for companies who want to launch an MVP within a few short weeks or months. However, it is also important to scale the product quickly. React Native is a flexible framework that is ideal for rapidly improving the user experience or developing new functionality. React Native enables you to adapt as more insights are gathered on how the MVP is being used. Adding new features to the web or mobile applications can be achieved efficiently with React Native.

Building a team of React Native developers

Startups or businesses looking to build an in-house team can easily find talented JavaScript developers. React Native is a modern framework, has clear benefits, is efficient, and has a high market share. It is therefore likely to be a technology that is around for a very long time. Therefore, there are strong incentives for JavaScript developers to learn React Native.

10 reasons React Native developers love React Native

To summarise, these are the main reasons why React Native developers advocate React Native for cross-platform app development:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Faster app development
  3. Cross platform compatibility 
  4. Excellent performance
  5. Live updates & code push
  6. Hot reloading 
  7. Code reusability 
  8. Active community
  9. Thriving ecosystem of components & APIs
  10. Simplified app maintenance

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Working with Milo was truly a fantastic experience. At every stage they went well beyond the requirements. They were pivotal to ensuring that the product was exactly what I wanted. They exceeded my expectations. I can't recommend them enough.

Grace Parker, Founder at FitVo

An image depicting the FitVo app. An app built by our React Native developers that integrates with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.
Our team of React Native app developers developed the FitVo app to integrate with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.

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Petros Lafazanidis
Nov 2022

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