Paul Argent and Petros Lafazanidis founded Milo Creative in 2001 with the idea of bringing computer games into the world of education. Since then, milo has evolved into an award winning app development agency with a wide portfolio of software products across mobile, desktop and web.

An illustration of Paul Argent, Creative Director at Milo Creative. Paul is an expert in Product Design, Art Direction, User Interface Design (UI design), and user experience design (UX design).

Paul Argent

Co-founder, Creative Director

An illustration of Petros Lafazanidis, Technology Director at Milo Creative. Petros is an expert in React, React Native, Unity, and native development for iOS and Android.

Petros Lafazanidis

Co-founder, Technology Director


We’ve worked with charities, with daring new startups and promising scale-ups, leading brands and with international organisations.

WaterAid logo. UX design company Milo Creative partners with Wateraid to provide product design services for web and mobile games. The British Red Cross logo. Mobile app development company Milo Creative has partnered with Red Cross to develop a suite of digital transformation software tools such as digital surveys. Carers UK logo. Mobile app development company Milo Creative partnered with Carers UK to create an innovative web and mobile app that helps carers jointly manage caring for loved ones. Sony Music logo. Digital product design company Milo Creative provided product strategy, product design and software development services for Lirica, which started as a Sony innovation project. Lirica is a  language learning mobile app created in partnership with Sony Music International.Octavia Foundation logo. Milo Creative is the React Native development company that provided consultancy, UX design and app development for this Heritage Lottery Funded app. It provides guided tours through Kensal Green cemetery. The mobile app was co-designed with local young people, whom we coached to develop digital media skills. Eaglemoss logo. Digital product design company Milo Creative provided app design and custom software development services for a series of apps with publisher Eaglemoss and brands such as My Little Pony and Disney.  Diabetacare logo. UX design agency Milo Creative redesigned the Diabetacare app, a mobile touchpoint for a 24/7 diabetes service.  Paul Smith logo. Digital product design company Milo Creative created Dino jumper, a mobile game inspired by retro arcade games, and created to coincide with the launch of Paul Smith’s 2016 Autumn men's collection. The BBC logo. Web design agency Milo Creative provided design and development services across a plethora of websites, games and mobile apps for BBC, CBBC and CBeebies, including Bitesize and Justin Fletcher The GBBO logo. Digital product development agency Milo Creative provided product design and product development services for The Great British Bake Off, Better Baking mobile app. Macmillan logo. Product development company Milo Creative designed and developed a series of language learning apps for Macmillan Education, including Inks, Sounds, Bebop and Story Central.   UCL logo. Mobile app developers Milo Creative created Pocket Smile app with the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. C4 logo. Web design agency Milo Creative provided web design and web development services across a wide range of educational websites and games for C4 aimed at young people and covering PSHE, Citizenship and Politics. Universal Music logo. Digital product development company Milo Creative developed a children's lullaby music app with Decca Music and Universal Music. Hodder & Stoughton logo. Product development agency Milo Creative provided product design and software development services for the Great British Bake Off app, based on Hodder’s successful Better Baking books. The NHS logo. Milo Creative provided user research, UX design services, and app development services on the Pain Sense apps. Developed in partnership with the Advanced Digital Institute and NHS.  QinetiQ logo. Software development company Milo Creative provided design and software engineering services on an app to help recruit talented graduates into science-related careers.  The V&A logo. Web design agency Milo Creative provided web design and web development services for a web application supported by all major UK museums led by the V&A. These included Tate, The British Museum, The Imperial War Museum, The Wallace Collection, Sir John Soane Museum and The Natural History Museum. The Science Museum logo. UX design agency Milo Creative provided web  design and web development services for a series of games and websites to accompany museum exhibitions. University of Sussex logo. Digital development company Milo Creative provided concept development, illustration, design and development services for an app to support research on colour perception and cognition.

UX Design & App Development Experts

We find digital solutions for human problems

We help companies identify the right strategy for their digital product and to release high quality web and mobile applications. We are experts on digital product development, from concept to strategy, from user experience design to launch.

Our work continues beyond launch, using analytics and user feedback to improve and continue delivering the best results. Our experience spans a broad range of audiences, including children & young people, education, digital services, healthcare, fitness, sport and wellness.

Apps for Kids

An image shows an app for children. Milo Creative develops products that promote learning through play with creative digital tools, games and mobile apps. Examples of our work include Henri Le Worm, Maths Whizz, CBBC, WaterAid and My Little Pony.

Play, learn, grow.

From its foundation, milo’s remit has been to bring the magic of games to learning, harnessing the potential of new technologies to engage children in their own turf. As both parents and makers of in the digital age, we are very much aware of the balance that is required between the physical world and the screen. We aim to challenge children's thinking with hands-on tools for learning through play, and with gamification that inspires and sparks their imagination.

Apps for Education

An image shows Lirica, a language learning app developed by Milo Creative. Lirica harnesses the power of music to teach languages. We have a long track record producing digital learning platforms for all ages.

Mobile learning platforms for all ages

Top universities open up their courses to the world online, schools embrace mobile apps, and people use their commutes to brush up on modern languages. We all strive to improve our skills and knowledge in a world that requires us to keep on learning and adapt at a fast pace. Our experience in education, digital platforms for all ages, together with our mastery of mobile, means that we can help institutions and companies, big and small, deliver learning experiences successfully, wherever, whenever.

Wellness & Healthcare Apps

An image shows the Diabetacare app. Milo Creative creates health tech solutions such as mobile self-management tools and smart monitors to help people take control of their health. Diabetacare helps diabetes patients manage their condition, as the mobile touchpoint of a 24/7 diabetes service.

Connected wellness & smart healthcare apps

As the bill for healthcare goes up, its future relies increasingly on good self-management and health monitoring tools with platforms that support them. We design and develop intelligent and secure healthcare and wellbeing apps that use technology at a human scale. New mobile apps make it easier to control medical conditions and medication use, flag problems or harness the rise of The Internet of Things to manage a support network around those in need of care.

Lifestyle & Fitness Apps

An image shows the FitVo app. FitVo provides personalised and adaptive exercise routines that evolve with your fitness level. Milo Creative develops lifestyle web and mobile apps. From  e-commerce to cooking, from fitness to travel.

Digital products that solve everyday problems

Following a recipe, shopping, browsing a catalogue, getting fit, booking a haircut, designing a card... What will you need today? Think of your mobile as one of those nifty swiss pen-knives, with anything from a corkscrew to a nail file. Our mobiles have become that multipurpose device in our pocket. We are intent on filling this digital pen knife with useful apps, seamlessly embedded in your everyday life.

Digital Transformation

An image shows Relationship Goals, a platform that is used to deliver Relationship Education via games in schools

Apps to help businesses stay on top

Digital Transformation is at the heart of many businesses’ strategy, as they search for new ways to solve traditional problems. As a result, they are finding new ways to deliver innovation and creativity. Milo helps charities and businesses create solutions where people meet technology.

Digital marketing

An image of the Me+Moo app logo. We implemented a gamification strategy that promotes sharing, and therefore viral dissemination of the 5G Rural First message and the app itself. This is a fun social app using data from the IoT (Internet of Things) collars of dairy cows in a connected farm. The app allows people to befriend a cow, and to follow her journey for a week.

Multiply visibility for your product or message

We are all hooked to our mobile devices, from the moment we wake up, till we switch off at night. Our mobile is a window into the world of work, of social media networks, e-commerce and entertainment. At Milo we know how to create user experiences that will generate the ideal vehicle for a digital marketing campaign on the web and on mobile, whether you are a charity creating awareness, or a brand promoting a new product.

Along the way we've picked up awards & accolades

Milo is an award winning design agency that has received awards and accolades from the website and software industry, including a Visit London Award.
We are an award winning design studio and have received awards and accolades from the web and app industry, including Educational Resource Award.
We are an award winning app development company, our team has received awards and accolades from the software and web industry, including Bafta.
Milo creative is an award winning design studio, our company has received awards and accolades from the web and app industry, including Junior Design Award.
We are award winning mobile app developers, our agency has received awards and accolades from the web and software industry, including The Lovie Awards.
We are an award winning web design agency, our company has received awards and accolades from the website and app industry, including Royal Television Society Awards.

We're based in London & Suffolk UK

A UX designer in our London studio creating a visual storyboard that depicts a user flow through a game. The storyboard will be used by app developers to create the game. A mobile app developer discussing a new product idea in our London office.Super Mario figurine oversees the latest mobile apps and games developed in our London studio.
A UX designer developing a new product concept in our London office.A mobile app software developer programming a prototype in our London agency.An exterior photograph of the Milo Creative studio which is located in the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London.
A picture of an origami paper plane

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