Me+Moo is a fun social app developed within the context of 5G RuralFirst, a co-innovation project led by Cisco alongside government, business and academia partners. 5G RuralFirst aims to demonstrate the game changing potential of 5G technologies in remote rural areas, empowering communities to evolve more efficient business models for critical industries such as agriculture, tourism, renewable energy and manufacturing.

The Challenge

Milo was appointed by Harvard, the PR company running the 5G RuralFirst campaign for Cisco to help them disseminate the 5G RuralFirst story. Their idea was to  use the IoT collars of dairy cows in a connected farm to allow people to befriend a cow, and to follow her journey for a week. The IoT collar would feed the data to track the cow’s life and wellbeing to the app; her feeding, sleeping, milking, scratching and resting data. While interacting with their cow, visitors would also be exposed to information about the connected farm, and 5G RuralFirst.

The Solution

The app we developed is both tongue in cheek and also very informative. It is reminiscent of a dating app, but with gamification and viral loops built in, and educational video-diary entries from Duncan the farmer, giving the user a unique insight into the lives of connected cows, the running of the farm, and the transformative power of 5G. The ‘moonitor’ at the heart of the app displays the cows latest activity and mood, and the collection of awards that both the user and the cow attain together during the week.

In addition, we came up with a gamification concept where users are rewarded for joining up to form herds, inviting their friends and sending each other “moosages”. The more active a herd, the higher they go on the leaderboard, helping the 5G RuralFirst message to expand virally at the same time. Me+Moo was developed as a cross-platform mobile app using React Native.

The Results

Me+Moo launched on the 4th of March 2019, and rose to almost 10,000 active users in its first week. Not only that, but users continued to come back into the app and visit their cow, with retention of 20% by the end of the week (push notifications from the cows might have had something to do with this). Close to 100k moosages have been sent, and the number of herds is well into the thousands and counting!

Within the first few days, the app earned over 10,000 users, which was great for such a niche app. It was the perfect tool to get our client’s project in front of journalists to generate awareness. The app was featured in an Android blog and garnered over 800 million pieces of global coverage from several prominent news and media outlets.

Galen Driver, Senior Creative Producer

  • Creative Moment Awards: B2B Campaign of the Year

  • Creative Moment Awards: Technology Campaign of the Year

  • B2B Marketing Awards: Best Multichannel Campaign

  • B2B Marketing Awards: Best Use of Creative

  • B2B Marketing Awards: Best Use of Content Marketing

  • PRCA National Awards: B2B Technology Campaign of the Year

Continued support

Since the launch of Me+Moo we have continued to work closely with Harvard and Chime Group across a number of campaigns for Cisco, including:


Tapestry: Sounds of a 5G Orkney is a website that showcases all that is great and good about Orkney, including the technological innovations that have been delivered by the 5G RuralFirst project.

Tapestry: Sounds of a 5G Orkney is a website that showcases all that is great and good about Orkney, including the technological innovations that have been delivered by the 5G RuralFirst project.

Tapestry is a piece of music inspired by the sounds of a 5G-connected Orkney, created by Orcadian composer Erland Cooper. It’s named ‘Tapestry’ because this is exactly what it is: a layering of all the different sounds of the islands, brought together by the people of Orkney and the power of 5G.

The result is a sonic portrait of Orkney; a unique way to showcase the work of 5G RuralFirst and reach a broader, mainstream audience than we can achieve when we focus on the bits and bytes alone.

Cisco Live EMEA 2020

Cisco Live is Cisco’s world-renowned annual customer and partner conference that is designed to build the foundation for your digital future by providing you with education, connections, and inspiration.

As part of the event we created an interactive kiosk that enabled visitors to make the most of the experience. The kiosk included an interactive map of the venue whereby visitors could see what was on, book talks and find essential information.


E-Flex is a co-innovation project, using active electric vehicles (EVs) in real-world fleets to prove the value of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Cisco is leading the project in partnership with six other organisations across technology, academia, energy and the public sector.

We created the E-Flex interactive clock which displays timely statistics and information about the initiative throughout the day.

Aside from their invaluable knowledge and expertise, their passion really comes through. I appreciated that they were as equally invested in the project’s success as we were. When we told them that we couldn’t get our partner’s data into the app, they helped us solve the issue and still managed to deliver on time. No other vendor would’ve stuck with us through that hurdle.

Galen Driver, Senior Creative Producer

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