Dino jumper was created as part of the digital marketing campaign that launched Paul Smith’s mens’ Autumn - Winter collection. The collection was themed around retro arcade games. The collection included a Godzilla dinosaur alongside Pac-Man styled ghosts and other bitmap game iconography.

Digital marketing app

Paul Smith’s digital marketing team honed in on the dinosaur print adorning the socks from the collection. The dinosaur could star as a fashionable Godzilla in a retro arcade game. And just like that, our brief for the digital marketing app came to be.

Milo was chosen to develop a digital marketing app that used a retro arcade game aesthetic. We designed a platform game to build excitement and awareness of Paul Smith’s dinosaur collection via the app store.

Paul Smith Dino Jumper socks inspired the platform game that we created to help launch the fashion range

Game design

Our game designers created a mobile game with aesthetics reminiscent of old arcade games. The game would be in keeping with the pioneering spirit of the Paul Smith brand and styling of the collection. Additionally, it would be available for free download as an original giveaway from the App Stores.

Fast paced platform game

Milo's team of unity developers had a lot of fun turning the fantastic designs from textiles to animated figures. Dino Jumper became a fast-paced, 2D side scrolling, endless runner style platform game. The game starts off being relatively easy to play. However, difficulty ramps up with new obstacles and enemies to dodge and the player can quickly lose a life. Obstacles include ghosts and heart charms from the collection, and chasms from which the dino could fall. We included boosts to help the user, such as a pair of black chelsea boots (also from the collection) that allowed the dinosaur to run faster and jump higher.

A screenshot from the Dino Jumper game that we developed for Paul Smith
Game designers created obstacles and enemies from the Paul Smith dinosaur jumper collection

Game virality and social sharing

To boost the impact of the digital marketing campaign we increased the game’s virality. We did this by allowing the social sharing of scores via Facebook and Twitter. The messaging also included an invite for friends to download the game and compete.

Clear Call To Action (CTA)

When creating viral games for digital marketing campaigns it’s important to focus on the sharing mechanism.  Some game developers hide the social sharing features in the settings menu. This brings down the levels of virality as they can easily be missed by users who are also  not clear on the call to action.  We added the social sharing buttons on the game over screen, so they were easily discoverable. This made the call to action to share scores obvious and easy to follow for the user.

A screenshot from the Dino Jumper game for fashion guru Paul Smith that shows social media share options
Social Sharing enables players to share their scores via social media, inviting friends to download and play the game

App analytics

In parallel, our Unity developers coded app analytics to monitor the app. Analytics made this an invaluable tool for the brand's digital marketing team as they could monitor:

  • Downloads
  • Session length
  • New versus returning users
  • Devices
  • Geographical distribution and the like

App launch

The game was showcased at events in Paris and Japan to launch the Paul Smith collection. Despite a small marketing spend, it reached thousands and thousands of users. Most users were acquired virally via social sharing on Facebook and Twitter. The app was localised to Japanese, where it was a big hit with fashion connoisseurs.

The Paul Smith Dino Jumper fashion range and game proved popular in Japan
The Paul Smith Dino Jumper game has proven to be very popular in Japan

Unity game development  

Our unity developers created Dino Jumper as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. At Milo, we have a long history of unity game development. Unity can be used to create 2D and 3D games, as well as interactive simulations and other experiences. The Unity game engine can be used for cross-platform app development for: 

  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Desktop
  • Console 
  • Virtual reality games

Link Badge
Link Badge

App design & development services

Game design & Unity game development

Dino Jumper is an iOS and Android mobile app produced by our Unity developers and game designers.

Game design

  • Concept development
  • Storyboarding
  • Artwork & iconography
  • Lean UX prototyping
  • User interface design
  • Game design document (GDD)
  • Level design

Unity game development

  • Game engine development
  • Unity game development (iOS & Android)
  • Social media integration (Facebook & Twitter)
  • App analytics
  • Multi device testing

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