Mint Diagnostics was founded in the tech cluster of Cambridge. Mints mission is to redefine how hormone data can be collected, analysed and used to improve health and performance. We have a track record developing wellbeing, fitness and healthcare apps and are ideal technology partners. Our team of UX designers and app developers have been helping Mint from the very start.

Digital innovation in hormone monitoring

The Hormonix platform is used for health, wellness and sport performance management. It has applications across elite sports, cancer diagnosis, employee wellbeing and IVF. Hormonix is used where hormone monitoring and hormone analysis, through a non-invasive technique such as saliva sampling, is desirable.

Biosensing technology

The Hormonix platform and lab service combines Mint Diagnostics biosensing technology with hormone measurement protocols and data interpretation. This enables a precise and individualised approach to hormone monitoring and hormone analysis. This makes Hormonix very distinctive from other sport performance, wellbeing and healthcare apps on the market.

User experience design

As a user experience agency that specialises in diagnostic healthcare apps we are always looking for an interesting challenge. We were thrilled to be asked by Mint to design the blueprint of the user experience for Hormonix. Our app designers have worked closely with Mints digital product development team. We have refined the user experience of the service through iterative storyboarding, prototyping and testing. The UX team has frequently adapted to new technical advancements and a fast changing set of requirements. The user experience needed to target many different platforms. This includes mobile, web and desktop as well as a proprietary hardware device. The proprietary hardware is being developed for remote saliva sampling and hormone monitoring, measurement and analysis.

Functional prototyping

Initially our app designers and software development team focused their efforts on mobile application development. We connected the app (via bluetooth) with Mint Diagnostics proprietary sensing hardware for a Cortisol hormone monitoring programme. This first version targeted the wellbeing of corporate employees. The app on-boarded the user, guiding them through the saliva sampling and hormone monitoring routine. The user received critical information and feedback on their hormone analysis from the app.

Field testing

We worked with Mint to develop a “concierge” style field test. This enabled scientists to carry out lab tests whilst users had access to a functional prototype. This allowed the digital product development team to fine tune the saliva sampling process. We could ensure compliance, implement hormone monitoring protocols and define how best to conduct hormone analysis and provide feedback.

Estradiol hormone monitoring

Our app designers worked with Mint Diagnostics on the user experience design for their Estradiol hormone monitoring technology. These programmes were aimed at two sets of users: female cancer patients and female elite athletes. We identified the Estradiol curve through regular testing, monitoring and hormone analysis. This allowed patients to optimise their treatment, and athletes their athletic performance.


Our app development team created an MVP of what would eventually grow to become the Hormonix platform. The MVP required both desktop, web and mobile app development to fulfil the requirements of the product vision.

An image depicting an early version of the Hormonix desktop app that allowed the Hormonix team fine tune the saliva sampling process and ensure compliance.
An early version of the Hormonix digital platform allowed the team to fine tune the saliva sampling process. This ensured compliance for effective hormone monitoring. The MVP required that our app developers worked across desktop, mobile and web application development.

The Hormonix digital platform

Hormonix has grown into a service, mobile app and web platform. The service uses a suite of digital products developed to facilitate the regular, non-invasive monitoring of hormone levels. This provides regular visibility of hormone data that is then analysed by a team of experts. The digital platform can be tailored to the needs of different organisations. This includes organisations that want to use hormone monitoring to measure:

  • Estradiol
  • Progesterone
  • Cortisol

Iterative design & app development

Our user experience designers and app developers are working continuously with Hormonix to advance the platform. We are continually improving the saliva sampling process, adherence and logistics. Additionally, we are enhancing the capabilities for data tracking, visualisation, and hormone analysis.

Mobile application development

The Hormonix mobile app supports a participant that is saliva sampling. It is easy-to-use and has been designed to reduce the chance of human error. The mobile app includes:

  • Scheduling: Scheduling and reminders to coordinate saliva sampling and collection protocols.
  • Sampling: Sampling and collection guides Easy to follow saliva sampling and collection guides 
  • Barcode scanning: In-app sample barcode scanning to register and timestamp the samples.
  • Questionnaire: Questionnaires to capture contextual data and symptoms.
  • Hormone Analysis: Hormone analysis includes data visualisation of symptoms alongside hormone data.

An image depicting the Hormonix mobile app. The Hormonix mobile app is easy-to-use and has been designed to reduce the chance of human error when collecting saliva for hormone analysis.
The Hormonix app is designed to be easy-to-use and to reduce the chance of human error.

React and React Native

We took the decision to develop the Hormonix web and mobile application as a React and React Native App. React Native is a cross-platform development solution for iOS, Android and the Web. It has excellent performance and reduces the maintenance burden of software development. This means it can be a great solution for MVP startups. React Native is popular amongst mobile app developers. It is the most widely used mobile application development framework on the market for delivering universal applications. It is a JavaScript framework that has been created and open-sourced by Facebook.

Web application development

The Hormonix web application supports organisations running a programme by enabling coordinators to: 

  • Design hormone monitoring studies
  • Add/manage participants
  • Monitor saliva sampling to ensure protocol adherence
  • Visualise synchronised symptom and hormone data to conduct hormone analysis and gain actionable insights

Amazon AWS

The Hormonix platform is hosted on Amazon Services (AWS). AWS utilises a pay as you go model and is a flexible, scalable, and reliable backend that is cost-effective. This works well for MVP startups as it allows the backend app to auto-scale as a user demand changes. For backend development we have used a series of serverless technologies including:

  • Amazon Cognito
  • AWS AppSync
  • Amazon DynamoDB 
  • AWS Lambda 

Hormonix branding

As part of the digital product design process our app designers designed an appealing brand, logo and visual language. The visual design needed to work across multiple digital platforms and a wide range of touchpoints. This included a plethora of devices, hardware and print.

An image depicting the Hormonix logo created by Milo Creative for Mint Diagnostics

English Institute of Sport

Working in partnership with Mint Diagnostics and the English Institute of Sport we developed an app for athlete monitoring. The app enabled the collection of data on female hormones in high frequency. This could be done in a non-invasive way, using saliva sampling rather than blood collected with needles. The samples are collected and sent to the Hormonix lab service. They are then processed and analysed in a time efficient manner. This allows the athlete, their coaches and support staff to act on the results from the hormone analysis. Based on data and analysis they can adapt training schedules to improve athletic performance.

An image depicting the Hormonix mobile app. The Hormonix app helps support staff track an athletes hormone profile so that their training schedule can be adapted accordingly.
The Hormonix mobile application was developed to support athlete hormone monitoring. This enables  training to be adapted to improve their athletic performance.

Elite athlete trials

Hormonix was trialled by a number of elite athletes, from eight different sports, including female athletes training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Hormonix was also successfully rolled out at Manchester City Women. This provided Manchester City with detailed insight into players’ menstrual cycles and improved performance. To find out more please take a look at this article on The Guardian website. The article includes interviews with Tennis Player Katy Dunne and Pentathlon GB athlete Jess Varley who took part in Hormonix trials.

Sport Industry Awards winner

Mint Diagnostics, together with the English Institute of Sport, won the Cutting Edge award at the prestigious Sport Industry Awards 2022. The award was given for the athlete monitoring app that provides real-time female hormone data to improve training and athletic performance.

An image depicting the Cutting Edge Sport Industry Award 2022 that was awarded to EIS and Mint Diagnostics for Hormonix
Hormonix won the cutting edge award at the Sports Industry Awards 2022 for digital innovation in sport performance.

The Sport Industry Awards celebrate digital innovation in the sports sector. Whether it’s: 

  • Delivering world-leading events of all formats and scale
  • Using sport as a platform to drive social change
  • Digital campaigns that have an ingenious creative spark that reverberate throughout the sports industry and beyond.

Digital product development partner

We have been working with Mint Diagnostics as their digital product development partner since 2017. Our app designers continue to help Mint improve the Hormonix service whilst our app developers continue to support the development of the mobile app and web application. Our support helps to ensure that the software continues to meet the demands of Mint's cutting edge technology.

Milo Creative treats us like a valued partner. We feel that they’re invested in the success of the product and our business. We’re also able to speak freely with their team because they understand our background. For example, they do a fantastic job of translating software jargon into layperson terms. We have a very productive working relationship.

Dr. Richard White, Co-founder and Technical Director

Link Badge
Link Badge

App design & development services

Digital product design & app development services

Hormonix required a multidisciplinary team. We assisted them with desktop, mobile, and web app development, branding and graphic design, and user experience design.

User experience design

  • Journey mapping
  • Storyboarding
  • User flows
  • Wireframing
  • Lean UX prototyping
  • System flowcharts
  • Information architecture
  • Branding & visual design
  • User interface design
  • Illustration & iconography
  • Design systems

Desktop, mobile & web app development

  • Desktop, mobile & web app development
  • Cross-platform app development (React & React Native)
  • Amazon AWS (Cognito, AppSync, DynamoDB, Lambda)
  • Push notifications
  • Multi-factor authentication (one-time-code)
  • SendGrid
  • Multi device testing
  • Automated and scripted testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Technical product management
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