Maths Whizz is a virtual tutor that guides students through an individualised learning journey that simulates the behaviour of a human tutor. Milo is the digital design agency who researched their audience to redesign and develop the engagement and gamification website, aimed at children aged 5 to 13.

Maths Whizz

Engaging kids in maths

Lirica is a mobile language app that helps students learn languages with the power of music. Milo Creative is the product design company that developed the concept as part of a Sony Music innovation initiative, then became co-founder and shareholder of Lirica Ltd. Lirica harnesses the power of Songs to make language memorable and culturally relevant.


Learn languages with the power of music

Me + Moo - We were hired by Chime Group as the mobile app development agency to develop this fun social app using data from the IoT (Internet of Things) collars of dairy cows in a connected farm. The app allows people to befriend a cow, and to follow her journey for a week. As part of this digital PR initiative, we implemented a gamification strategy that promotes sharing, and therefore viral dissemination of the 5G Rural First message and the app itself.


How can 5G transform rural communities?

FitVo is an adaptive health and fitness app that integrates with HealthKit, to provide users with a holistic view of their fitness, including factors such as calorie consumption and daily activity. As a product design agency, we were responsible for creating the user experience for the app, and to develop the algorithm that deals with routine recommendations. The app was developed with React Native.


The adaptive fitness coach

 Paul Smith Dino Jumper - As mobile game developers we created a game, to be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google play for free. We used aesthetics reminiscent of old arcade games, based on the fantastic designs from the textiles. We created a fast paced, 2D side scrolling, endless runner game in Unity.

Dino Jumper

Paul Smith meets platform games

As React Native app development specialists, we were engaged to design and develop the iPrescribe app. This health technology app delivers a personalised physical activity programme for people with various conditions, from mild asthma to cancer. The app contains tools to allow users to exercise safely, with an algorithm that incrementally modifies their routine as their fitness increases, while providing visual feedback and motivation to carry on.


Your personal exercise prescription

Diabetacare is an app for diabetics that helps patients monitor and improve their condition. Milo Creative researched the key problems facing patients compliance with their routines, and designed a User Experience (UX) based on the key pillars to manage the disease: Blood Glucose testing, medication, exercise and diet.


Mobile touchpoint for a 24/7 diabetes service

We provide ongoing web and mobile app development services to Water Aid, focusing on games for mobile, tablet and web. These include Water Quest, Angry Turds and Germ Zapper, with more to come. Milo is involved from concept development through to support.

WaterAid Games

Engaging people in water, hygiene and sanitation

ALT: Henri Le Worm is an educational cooking app for kids, with stories narrated by Simon Pegg, and recipes by Raymond Blanc. Our team of children’s app designers brought Henri and his friends to life. As educational app developers, we were involved from concept development, through to character design, illustration, animation, UX design and mobile app development for iOS and Android.

Henri Le Worm

Children’s app with cooking adventures narrated by Simon Pegg, and recipes by Raymond Blanc

 Milo developed an Augmented Reality app (AR) for the pilot of My Little Pony Magical Mysteries magazine collection, and subsequently the mobile app for My Little Pony Colouring Adventures magazine collection.

My Little Pony Apps

Explore and play with the world’s most loved ponies

 Milo Creative partnered with Centre of The Cell to develop Helimed, The London Air Ambulance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) game for teens. Helimed aims to inspire the doctors, paramedics and pilots of the future through STEM activities based on the inspiring work of the London Air Ambulance team.


London’s Air Ambulance STEM game for teens

Mint Diagnostics - Next generation biometric health monitors on your mobile. Proprietary sensing hardware detects levels of hormones that are then tracked on a mobile app connected via bluetooth. We are the UX design agency who carried out user research and developed the user experience for this groundbreaking biosensing technology.

Mint Diagnostics

Next generation biometric health monitors on your mobile

The British Red Cross Volunteer Pack and Survey Apps have been an invaluable tool in reducing print costs, streamlining processes, and making data collection more efficient, as part of the Red Cross digital transformation strategy. They are React Native apps, with a Heroku and Node.js backend.

Red Cross Digital Transformation Tools

Driving digital innovation on mobile touchpoints

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Working with Milo was truly a fantastic experience. They exceeded my expectations. I can't recommend them enough.
Grace parker
Founder of FitVo
Working with the Milo team was a great experience; the project was handled incredibly well and the team were very supportive.
Lindsay Brownsword
Product Owner of Maths Whizz
Smart, reliable, fast and fun - that’s Milo in a nutshell! They’re an absolute pleasure to work with.
Adrian hon
Founder, Zombies Run!
Milo are developers you fantasise about but never quite believe exist. Smart ideas, fab people and as a result truly brilliant work.
James Huggins
Founder, Me Books

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