Aside from their invaluable knowledge and expertise, their passion really came through. I appreciated that they were as equally invested in this project’s success as we were.
A picture of Galen Driver, Senior Creative Producer, Harvard

Galen Driver

Senior Creative Producer, Harvard
Milo provides a huge amount of value. It's a big positive for me that I can trust them to make sure we do the right thing for our business.
A picture of Paul Custance, CEO, Lirica

Paul Custance

Founder & CEO, Lirica
Their teamwork and ethos were great. If I wasn’t sure about something they would make it a point to address my concerns.
A picture of Lindsay Brownsford, 
Product Owner, Maths Whizz

Lindsay Brownsword

Product Owner, Maths Whizz
Smart, reliable, fast and fun - that’s Milo in a nutshell! They’re an absolute pleasure to work with.
A picture of Adrian Hon, Founder, Zombies Run!

Adrian hon

Founder, Zombies Run!
Milo are developers you fantasise about but never quite believe exist. Smart ideas, fab people and as a result truly brilliant work.
A picture of James Huggins, Founder, Me Books

James Huggins

Founder, Me Books
Milo treat us like a valued partner, and we feel that they’re invested in the success of the product and our business.
A picture of Dr Richard White, CTO, Mint Diagnostics

Dr Richard White

Co-Founder & Director, Mint Diagnostics


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