Pedagoog is an online pedagogical library. The schools app provides teachers with on-demand access to thousands of carefully selected articles, courses and resources.  Pedagoog supports a truly ‘continuous’ approach to professional development for primary and secondary school teachers.

Improving continued professional development in education

Traditional methods of continued professional development in education (such as whole staff inset) are not as effective as personalised CPD training. The cost of sending teachers on courses means that a small percentage of staff benefit from personalised CPD training. For those that do, there is usually little by way of follow-up available to help embed their learning.

Cost-effective CPD in schools

Pedagoog’s on tap, online and on trend digital library offers a cost-effective solution for CPD in schools. Pedagoog helps schools embed a culture of continued professional development for teachers. Every entry in Pedagoog has been read, summarised and catalogued by a team of educational experts. This enables teachers to quickly find the material most suitable for their learning needs and interests.

‍UX design & web development

Our team of UX designers and web developers worked closely with the Education Innovation Partnership. Through a succession of UX prototypes, we were able to bring their vision of CPD for schools to life. The web app was built on top of the WordPress CMS. This helped bring a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to market within a short period of time. The app’s easy to navigate structure helps school staff quickly find what they need. It also invites teachers to discover new ideas by browsing sections.

An image depicting the Pedagoog web application dashboard.
The app’s UX design and easy to navigate structure helps school staff quickly find what they need.

Sections, themes and subcategories

The school’s app has 3 key sections that are divided into subcategories. The subcategories reflect the core themes relevant to professional development for teachers. For example, users looking to improve pupil recall and performance can navigate via the Skills section to Memory and Metacognition. From here they can use different filters to search for specific concepts or browse for new ideas. Separate sections for Courses, Resources and Blogs also help connect users more quickly to ‘the best next thing’.

Career development opportunities for teachers

The structure of the schools app library helps teachers embark on career development. The app is organised into specific skill, subject and leadership themes. The app gives teachers an insight into the many areas of expertise and career development opportunities within the profession. They have access to the resources required to build a personal portfolio to support professional development for teachers.

Portfolios of research

Pedagoog gives every individual control of their professional development agenda. The app includes Bookmark and Portfolio tools that enable teachers to manage their learning journey at their own pace. Building portfolios of research which can be shared with colleagues in the School facilitates the learning of all. It also supports whole school development initiatives. The app includes the ability to rate the usefulness of different articles and resources and share Portfolios. This allows teachers to benefit from the collective wisdom of other educators using the library for CPD training.

Screenshot of the Pedagoog app
Users can share their research with school colleagues

Helping educators stay up to date

Pedagoog helps educators to stay up to date with strategies that support learning in and outside of the classroom. It also helps teachers keep up to date with the latest pedagogical developments in their subject field. Pedagoog ensures that school leaders can access the most recent discussion and key developments and debates in their field. This facilitates the adoption of best practices that produce the best results for them.

Bett 2022

Pedagoog was shortlisted for the Bett Education Technology Awards 2022 in the Leadership & Management Solutions category

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App design & development services

Schools app design & development

The Pedagoog schools app is a responsive web application built on top of the WordPress CMS.

User Experience Design

  • User Flows
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • User Interface Design
  • Illustration & Iconography
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Branding

App Development

  • Web Application Development
  • WordPress
  • Amazon AWS
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Automated and Scripted Testing
  • Technical Product Management

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