WaterAid is the leading clean water, sanitation and hygiene charity worldwide. Their mission is to end poverty by providing clean water and toilets to everyone, everywhere by 2030.

The challenge

For the past five years, we have been helping wateraid create digital resources that disseminate their message in a fun and engaging way to children, young people and families.

Working with their education team, we have been tasked with producing different products for their digital campaigns aimed at these different audiences, with the right tone and visual approach, and with the right interaction and content for each.

The games

We have designed and developed 3 different games to date for WaterAid, and we are soon to embark on a fourth (watch this space!)

  • WaterQuest is aimed at secondary school children for use in the classroom. In this game, children explore a rural village in the highlands of Madagascar, and they learn about the hardships caused by lack of clean water and toilets. In their mission, children interact with the villagers and listen to their stories, then recommend solutions to help WaterAid improve lives and step people out of poverty.
  • AngryTurds is a game is aimed primarily at children and families, but also the big kid in all of us. It is based in the popular Angry Birds slingshot format, with a level editor and poo character creator, and hilarious sound effects. Angry turds was conceived as a catalyst, a fun way to get talking about why poo needs to go firmly in toilets to keep the environment clean and communities happy and healthy
  • Germ Zapper helps nursery and reception age children explore the world of germs, where they may be hiding in your house, and why it is important to wash your hands. As well as fun games of hide and seek and zap-a-germ, the app provides a thorough animated explanation of the correct hand washing sequence.


These games are valuable tools for engagement, regularly being used by WaterAid members in the classroom, at events, and in workshops, but also downloaded organically from the stores. Germ Zapper is currently at a the WaterAid kiosk in Kidzania London, and AngryTurds level editor has been recently showcased at the Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair.

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