Grace Parker is a young and entrepreneurial fitness professional, who tired of the existing fitness apps on offer, decided to create her own adaptive program, delivered by a user friendly, no-nonsense and distinctive app.

The challenge

In her wishlist was slick design, no annoying voice overs, and user friendly UX that would allow the user to do their workout seamlessly. The app core would be an algorithm to create a tailored routine for each user, which would evolve with the user’s increasing level of fitness, whilst taking into account their personal preferences.

The solution

We worked closely with Grace to define a simple yet effective fitness app that would integrate into users’ routine, so increasing their likelihood to meet their fitness goals.

We went through an intense product definition phase, distilling user requirements, pain points and opportunities for delight into a key user journey prototype, that we then tested. Following an iterative approach, we fleshed out and polished this user flow while, in parallel, coding the algorithm that would serve the fitness programme out of Grace’s comprehensive matrix of exercises (divided into different areas of the body, level of difficulty and duration).

We also integrated the app with HealthKit, to provide our users with a holistic view of their fitness, including factors such as calorie consumption, daily activity, etc.


The result is a new generation fitness app with a very strong identity, a simple yet powerful set of features, allowing the user to take control of their fitness routine to achieve their goals, whether to lose weight, build muscle or increase fitness whenever are wherever they are.

Working with Milo was truly a fantastic experience. At every stage they went well beyond the  requirements and were pivotal to ensuring that the product was exactly what I wanted. They exceeded my expectations. I can't recommend them enough.

Grace Parker, FitVo

FitVo was developed as a cross-platform app using React Native, which means there is one single code base for Android, iOS and Windows apps.

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