For the past few months, we have been building our presence on Clutch. You may already know it as the ratings and reviews platform that wants to compile the best B2B providers throughout the globe.‍

Clutch is different to other online reviews sites because they are genuinely concerned with featuring only the best companies on their site, and they verify clients through in-depth reviews. These reviews are  based on interviews that are conducted personally, one on one, between Clutch analysts and companies that have worked with us.

An image depicting Lirica, a happy customer that gave a review of our work to Clutch
We are really proud to be identified amongst the top UK mobile app developers, and in particular the top React Native developers.

There are thousands of really strong companies that participate on Clutch’s platform, all belonging to a wide range of industries, including IT services, web and app development, advertising and marketing, public relations and branding, and more. Clutch also segments companies by location, allowing for firms to have a more targeted connection with clients who may be searching for app developers in the United Kingdom, like ourselves. We are obviously really proud to be identified amongst the top UK mobile app developers, and in particular the top React Native developers, in their 2019 coverage.

To rise to the top of the Clutch ranking, however, is no easy task. We had to go through a series of tests to ensure that our development expertise is up to par with the current industry standard. To measure our industry expertise, Clutch first looked at our website to find an updated and detailed list of the services we offer, case studies of projects we’ve completed, and our overall established client base. Next, our ranking on Clutch relies on the reviews our clients have given us in the verified interviews they conducted with the Clutch team.

We take pride in creating strong and durable client partnerships over the years, and we are extremely encouraged to find that our clients feel the same way. The quality of our work is of paramount importance, as is ensuring our client’s objectives are met – It’s exciting to know that our work is not going unnoticed and to have been listed as one of the top developers in uk.

We would also like to thank our friends at Clutch for including us in their ongoing coverage of leading Web and Mobile App Developers. Long may it last, with more quality digital products to come! Do take a look at our Clutch profile to understand our team, services and values.

Here is a glimpse of what our clients have said so far:

"Milo Creative felt fully invested in what they were creating for me."

Founder at FitVo

"We have a very productive working relationship."

Technical Director, Mint Diagnostics

"It’s a big positive for me that I can trust Milo Creative to make sure we do the right thing for our business."

CEO, Lirica

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Paul Argent
Nov 2022

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