Diabetacare is a service that helps patients with diabetes monitor and improve their condition. It uses a proprietary technology - DxNet, and Smart Blood Glucose Level Meters, together with clinics, teams of medical professionals, life coaches and nurses to provide support, counselling and screening to diabetes patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The challenge

Milo was tasked with creating a user-friendly, practical and compelling user experience to empower users to engage in self-care, but also to solve a key problem: lack of adherence.

The Diabetacare mobile application is an essential touchpoint for this care plan service, helping patients take readings from their smart BGL meters, offering resources and facilitating appointments with Diabetacare professionals. However, the service had low levels of adherence: patients were not sticking to their Blood Glucose levels sampling, they were forgetting medication, or were not taking the recommended exercise, which resulted in diminished improvements of their illness.

UX design

We started by talking to patients to understand the problem, where they dropped off and how we could keep them coming back to the app. We worked hand in hand with patients, health coaches and nurses to redesign interaction so that it would promote those behaviours that had the greatest impact on
 the disease.

Diabetes management

The result was and app focused on the main pillars for diabetes management: blood glucose monitoring, medication, nutrition and exercise. The main hub of the app is a dashboard that offers an at a glance view of what the patient needs to do right now, whether it is taking the next BGL sample, injecting insulin, meeting an exercise target, or reading a message from their physician. This dashboard gives the patient clear visibility of their daily tasks to stay on top of their disease.

Visualising progress

In order to keep the users engaged, we created visualisations of progress made, and the next target to reach. This creates a positive feedback loop by which progress made encourages users to keep going, and is further reinforced by tangible improvements in their physical wellbeing.


The app is currently in the stores, and is offered to diabetacare patients as part of their comprehensive care plan. Diabetacare is currently active in India, the UK and in the United Arab Emirates. Our involvement continues as design partners and UX consultants.

This app has helped my family. Its the best app of its kind for people with Diabetes and excellent for keeping your health under control. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from Diabetes.
Tara Murali, Patient
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