Packed with games, facts, music and a hilarious interactive story, Henri Le Worm encourages children and parents to discover more about food, ingredients, nature and bugs.

Interactive storytelling

Henri Le Worm started out as a children’s story written by Olivier Blanc, inspired by his charismatic father, the chef Raymond Blanc. His friend Charlotte Salt joined forces with him to develop the concept further, and to bring to life the quirky insect characters with sketches and voice over.

Image depicting Simon Pegg narrating Henri Le Worm, Raymond Blanc provided the recipes
Henri Le Worm was voiced by Simon Pegg, with recipes by Raymond Blanc

The app was voiced by the charismatic actor Simon Pegg known for his work in 'Shaun of the Dead', 'Hot Fuzz' and 'Spaced'.

Inspiring a love of food and healthy eating

Charlotte and Olivier approached Milo Creative to turn these ideas into an educational mobile app accessible to thousands of children. Their main objective was always to fuel childrens’ love of food, healthy eating and sustainability through compelling stories and interactive games.

Milo Creative started work with a design and discovery phase, pinning down the interactive storytelling and the games that should punctuate it, illustrating the characters and testing them with children.

Screenshots from the Henri Le Worm app

Once there was a strong visual language, the story and games were consolidated, and animation production started in earnest.

Milo coordinated sound production, from original music composition, to voice over recording with Simon Pegg and Charlotte.

Engaging children in food and nature

The app was developed natively for iOS and Android and released in 2013. It has been updated since, but remains true to the original ideas and games.

It continues to engage children into food and nature, and it is regularly used for workshops at schools, and to delight the youngest diners at Raymond Blanc restaurants.

A child using the Henri Le Worm app to make a Raspberry Fool recipe by Raymond Blanc
Child friendly recipes were created by Raymond Blanc

Once you have a strong idea it’s about getting other people to share and believe in it, we felt Milo did that for us.

Olivier Blanc

Henri Le Worm won Best Children's App at the Junior Design Awards two years running and there is a plan underway to turn Henri Le Worm and his friends into an animated series. Watch this space!

Henri Le Worm - Junior Design Awards Winner

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