Light the spark of curiosity in your child. Let them create fun, interactive characters by building and matching beautiful animations, each with a story to tell!

Petita Demas’ comes from the Ancient Greek expression “Mikrós to Démas”  meaning “Small Sized”. We created two apps for the company dedicated to friends who are small in height but big in our hearts.

The Professions

Children love to talk about what they want to be when they grow up (Astronaut! Racing car driver! Ballet dancer!), often it changes from day to day. As you play this game together, they learn that life is full of choices, and you can talk about that all important question together in a fun and creative way!

An educational puzzle game for 2-6 year olds. In three animated stripes, children match 10 different characters, each with their own profession.

The app is a playful way for children to learn a variety of professions and to start talking about what each entails. The silly combinations (a policeman’s head and a basketball player’s legs) spark delightful tangents.

The Greek Gods

Discover the wonder and wisdom of the Greek Gods! A witty, educational puzzle game for children aged 2 - 6 with fun characters that really come to life. All animations are handcrafted frame by frame, in great detail and with a sense of humour, so that children love them at first sight.

Match and Learn The Greek Gods helps develop motor skills and engagement while children observe, remember, choose and match fast and efficiently. Learn about each Greek God by listening to their short, funny poem.

It’s neat, cheerful and should appeal to young children - not to mention their parents

Match and learn the professions

  • Winner of a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award.
  • Winner of the EBGE Award for Best App for Touch Screen Devices.

Match and learn the Greek gods

  • Winner of a Parents’ Choice Approved Award for Mobile Apps.
  • Winner of a Parents’ Choice Approved Award for Picture Books.
  • Winner of a W³ Silver Award selected by AIVA.
  • Recognised as a Finalist in the Made for Mums Toy Awards.
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