Mint Diagnostics is a startup founded in the tech cluster of Cambridge, and the brainchild of Dr. Stefano Borini and Dr. Richard White. They have developed proprietary biosensing technology which can detect levels of different hormones in saliva, bypassing the need for lengthy and costly lab tests. Their mission is to re-define how hormone level data can be simply collected and analysed, and used to improve performance, diagnose disease, and promote wellbeing.

The Challenge

The team at Mint Diagnostics required a mobile component (connected via bluetooth) to work with their proprietary sensing hardware. The app would onboard the user,  guide tests, and display information back. Funded by a grant from Innovate UK, Mint Diagnostics came to us seeking our expertise to create the mobile User Experience for corporate users of their sensing technology. The challenge was to ensure that users, running their tests at home, would stick to the sampling timings (hormone levels vary along the day) so that the device could correctly assemble their cortisol profile over time, and then provide the appropriate feedback.

The Solution

Through workshops with Mint, we distilled the key steps within the testing process, and we established the routine users would need to follow to ensure that cortisol sampling was correct.   We set off to design concepts with prototyping tools to quickly iterate and test ideas, and to identify the on-boarding messages that would help users get up and running with the app from first use. We helped Mint Diagnostics design and run a “concierge” style field test, by which human scientists would carry out the tests (while the hardware was in development), in order to identify the key pain-points in the sampling process.

Our output was a set of mobile interfaces that would intuitively support this sampling process, display data in an understandable and flexible way, and deliver health information back to users. We added a touch of gamification to the sampling process, making it more memorable and playful, and therefore easier to stick to.

The Results

The proof of concept hardware and mobile UX was presented to Innovate UK, and it is currently undergoing a second round of funding to develop an MVP. In parallel, Milo Creative is helping Mint Diagnostics to design and  develop the web and mobile component of their hormone testing technology aimed at elite athletes, and to allow them to finetune and optimise their performance.