Mint Diagnostics is a startup, founded in the tech cluster of Cambridge. They have developed proprietary biosensing technology to detect levels of different hormones in saliva, bypassing the need for lengthy and costly lab tests. Their mission is to re-define how hormone level data can be collected and analysed, and used to improve performance, diagnose disease, and promote wellbeing.

We have worked with Mint diagnostics across a variety of products, focused on creating consistent, friendly and effective user experiences on desktop and mobile, to support their biosensing hardware.

Hormonix Cortisol

The team at Mint Diagnostics required a mobile component (connected via bluetooth) to work   with their proprietary sensing hardware on a cortisol sampling programme for corporate users. The app needed to onboard the user,  guide them through the sampling routine, and display information back. 

Milo worked with Mint Diagnostics to design and run a “concierge” style field test, where human scientists would carry out the lab tests (as hardware was still in development), but users had access to a UX prototype. This allowed the team to fine tune the sampling process, ensure compliance, and define how best to provide feedback to users.

Hormonix Estradiol

In parallel, Milo Creative is designing and developing the web and mobile component of their hormone testing technology for estradiol. These programmes are currently aimed at two sets of users: female cancer patients and  female elite athletes. Identifying their estradiol curve through regular testing can allow patients to optimise their treatment, and athletes their performance. 

Starting with athletes, the desktop app for coaches at the English Institute of Sport was released in November 2019. It allows them to run batches of tests with saliva samples from athletes using an interface that connects with Mint’s hardware. This app is currently being used by coaches training athletes for the 2020 Tokio Olympics.

Milo is currently in the process of developing the mobile app for athletes and for cancer patients, to support their sampling schedule, data visualisation of their estradiol curve and sample logistics. The athletes app will be launched in March 2020, and a prototype of the cancer patient mobile UX will be presented to Innovate UK in December 2019.

Milo Creative treats us like a valued partner, and we feel that they’re invested in the success of the product and our business. We’re also able to speak freely with their team because they understand our background. For example, they do a fantastic job of translating software jargon into layperson terms. We have a very productive working relationship.

Dr. Richard White, Co-founder and Technical Director

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