PainSense is a whole system approach to supporting self-management of pain, putting the patient at the heart of the journey to a better quality of life.

Pain Management Toolkit

We worked with the Advanced Digital Innovation (ADI Health), the author of the Pain Management Toolkit, Dr. Robert Lewin, patients and doctors to develop two apps that helped users create, and stick to, a schedule of increased activity and awareness to bring them back to normality.

In printed form the Pain Management Toolkit already enjoys an international reputation as highly effective tool for building the self management skills of people with persistent pain. Now, as part of the development of PainSense, they have been completely re-worked and adapted for today’s digital world.

The apps give patients the tools and resources they need to self-manage persistent pain, and develop the skills and techniques to become more independent. They include a range of features such as tension alerts, relaxation resources, medication tracking and the use of games to support engagement, goal-setting and adherence.

Managing persistant pain

These engaging and easy-to-use digital apps give patients the knowledge, skills and resources to manage their persistent pain. Each focuses on a different aspect of the process to become an effective self-manager of your persistent pain to improve your quality of life.

Image showing screens from the Pain Sense app for helping patients manage persistent pain

The apps’ underlying CBT-based approach is presented through an intuitive, easy to use interface. The user experience is rich and immersive, with audio commentary, interactive features and, crucially, data collection capabilities.

Patient information

The apps are integrated with secure N3 systems, enabling clinicians to access patient information, generate reports on patient progress, and utilise the insights gained to work more effectively with patients. The PainSense apps were rigorously tested by people who are living with persistent pain.

What’s very exciting is that when my patients with persistent pain use this app, I will be able to identify those who are doing well, that I don’t need to worry about, and those who are struggling and need some help.

Dr Michael Taylor, York House Surgery, Heywood, Greater Manchester

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