We work with The British Red Cross in various digital transformation initiatives, where apps are used to improve the cost, the experience, and the efficiency of existing processes.

Onboarding volunteers

Our first project was aimed at volunteers. The Red Cross regularly recruits thousands of volunteers in a variety of roles; to help out in shops, as support in emergencies or to help members of the community with mobility problems, amongst other things. Volunteers need to be onboarded and trained, and they typically receive a hefty, printed pack. Milo Creative was engaged to create a digital version of this onboarding pack, in the form of a mobile  app.

The Volunteer Onboarding App presented many improvements to the onboarding process, not least the team’s ability to update the material with great immediacy.  Notifications to volunteers could be sent based on different criteria, such as location, and finally, the immense printing costs were reduced to zero, and many trees were saved.

Digital surveys

Another area where Milo is helping digital transformation is surveys.  

The British Red Cross runs thousands of training events just in the UK. Typically, surveys are handed out to participants both  before and after a workshop or course,  to gauge satisfaction, level of improvement and confidence on the subject.  Surveys are also given to people receiving medical attention by the Red Cross in events such as festivals or concerts, so that they can rate the treatment received.

Survey platform

Milo Creative developed a survey platform comprising editorial tools for the British Red Cross staff to create surveys according to their needs, and a front end app where both training participants and patients can rate their training or care, including a Net Promoter Score to measure the customer experience.

Digital transformation

The survey app has been incredibly successful and it is used internally multiple times, every day, in different locations in the UK. As with the volunteers app, immediacy of editorial changes and reduction of printing costs are massive improvements, however electronic surveys have also transformed the way in which the whole process of data collection is carried out.

It has reduced the burden of transporting (previously physical forms), storing and digitising these results, and it has made it much easier to use and interrogate the customer data gathered with these surveys, and the ability to respond to it, promoting digital innovation.

All Red Cross apps were developed using React Native, with a Heroku and Node.js backend.

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