Reading English is difficult. Sounds English helps early stage readers of English become confident independent readers by using a phonics based approach to teach written sounds.

Innovative learn to read app

Sounds English is designed for early readers who are typically between 6 and 8 years old. It promotes self-driven, individualised learning, preparing learners to tackle more challenging and interesting reading.

An image showing screenshots from the Sounds English app, an app that teaches kids how to read with synthetic phonics
Set in the imaginative world of planet Lumos, learners are guided on a journey to light up the Great Learning Tree.

Set in the imaginative world of planet Lumos, learners are guided on a journey of discovery and growth as they work to help the planet’s citizens, the Lumins, light up the Great Learning Tree.

Creating confident independent readers

Sounds English accelerates learning with a synthetic phonics approach that supports correct pronunciation and empowers learners to go at their own pace - It cleverly identifies what sounds the learner does not know and then teaches them only.

Sounds English identifies 92 essential written sounds and teaches the learner how to use those sounds to read new words.

Sounds English Phonics is an excellent product and I recommend it to all teachers.

Robert Eves, Grade 3 Teacher, St John’s Green School, Essex

Algorithm based learning

Sounds English applies successful classroom strategies in a powerful digital learning tool. Its algorithm based learning identifies and responds to the specific needs of each learner, requiring zero adult intervention the app prepares learners to tackle more challenging and interesting reading.

At 7 years old my daughter was struggling with her phonics. We had tried numerous books and iPad apps without any real success. It wasn’t until she started using this app at school that we noticed any positive progress. This is a compressive phonics app, that I believe has helped by daughter where other educational aids have failed

Mark Folkyard, Parent, UK

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