Justin's World is a series of interactive learn and play apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that we have created for Justin Fletcher, the nation's favourite pre-school entertainer and star of 'cbeebies Something Special'.

The apps feature interactive games, puzzles and stories all presented by and featuring Justin Fletcher. Touch, swipe, listen and learn, Justin's World apps are a compendium of fun!

Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Goldilocks & The Three Bears, an interactive adaptation of the popular children’s storybook. Justin guides you through an interactive play experience, helping Goldilocks (who’s a little bit lazy) to clean and tidy the bear’s house. Once all the work is done you get to meet the very grateful bears. All characters played by the well-known and much loved TV presenter!


LetterSounds introduces your little one to initial letter sounds as outlined in the Primary National Strategy in a fun and meaningful way. Justin invites you to find the correct letter to complete the word.


Jig-Songs are puzzles but with a special sing along musical twist! Drag the pieces in place to finish the puzzle and watch Justin come to life singing some of his favourite songs.

An instant hit

One week from launch Golidlocks & The Three Bears was picked as editors choice by Apple to coincide with the kickstart of half term for many children across the UK. The impact on downloads was tremendous and the app has shot to the number 1 slot in education, top 4 paid overall and top 25 grossing on iPad.  

The app stands out from most of the children’s apps that are available. The videos make it feel more televisual, with the plain-white backgrounds very reminiscent of the signing scenes in Something Special.

Stuart Dredge, The Guardian

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